Best Friend’s Reunion Vacation Part Deux


Best friend reunions in Asia seem to be our thing now.  It’s the only way we see each other now that we both teach abroad for a living and we’re pretty good at vacation.  Our trip last year in Thailand was pretty epic, but in Korea we only had so much time for fun…and the weather didn’t cooperate with us.  
IMG_3744 IMG_3755

We started the day eating live octopus – Sannakji (낙지) – which I’m sure Kasey wishes he could he eat all the time… Instead of the beach weekend we had planned in Busan, it rained.  So we changed gears and headed to the Trick Eye Museum  for a little art therapy.  The museum is a 3D art gallery where you can interact with the art to make it look like you’re a part of the painting. IMG_3743

IMG_3781 IMG_3799 IMG_3785 IMG_3768

We probably laughed a little too hard while we took all of this – definitely a perfect rainy day activity!

IMG_3792IMG_3763 IMG_3790 IMG_3734 IMG_3754 IMG_3737

IMG_3803 IMG_3751 IMG_3774 IMG_3767 IMG_3739 IMG_3773
While all of these paintings were very impressive and fun to play with…this was probably the best photo we took the whole time.  The best photo we’ve EVER taken, I’d say.  It continually made me crack up and still does.  It’s funny and those expressions are pretty priceless!  Sorry, I’m not sorry!


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