Tae Kwon Do Goes to Namhae


After a year of Tae Kwon Do, we were exhausted…or Min Young was tired of us harassing him 3-4 times a week ^^.  So we packed into the van and drove to Namhae Island for a weekend of beach fun to celebrate our black belts!IMG_4177 IMG_4141 IMG_4123 IMG_4166 IMG_4174 IMG_4163 IMG_4169 IMG_4176 IMG_4115 IMG_4156 IMG_4127 IMG_4142 IMG_4164 IMG_4132 IMG_4133 IMG_4178 IMG_4167 IMG_4135 IMG_4116

Kind of annoyed I didn’t get to this place earlier on because I probably would’ve put in for a transfer.  IMG_4190 IMG_4204 IMG_4212 IMG_4222 IMG_4201 IMG_4197 IMG_4215 IMG_4202 IMG_4185 IMG_4218 IMG_4188 IMG_4256 IMG_4246 IMG_4315 IMG_4226 IMG_4238 IMG_4312 IMG_4318 IMG_4303 IMG_4275 IMG_4241 IMG_4290 IMG_4229 IMG_4280 IMG_4255 IMG_4266 IMG_4272 IMG_4314 IMG_4298 IMG_4224 IMG_4245 IMG_4231 IMG_4294 IMG_4267 IMG_4302 IMG_4268 IMG_4253 IMG_4228 IMG_4274

Definitely a perfect, tranquil weekend to end a year of breaking boards, kicking each other in the ribs, and sweating on the bus ride home.
IMG_4237 IMG_4277 IMG_4319 IMG_4282

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