Birthdays in Busan and Some Ulsan Fun


We all jumped on the bus down to Busan to celebrate little Jarah’s birthday.  We crowded into this hostel where we took up the entire thing + some random guy who most likely hated us come 3:30am that morning.  Oops.  Here, we stretched, chatted, ate pineapple cakes and prepared to an evening of fun in the city by the beach.  IMG_3191_2

First up, soju and drinks in bags on the beach!  Then it was onto the bars where the boys decided to have a little photo shoot to capture their smolders.

We wanted in on the action…except we don’t smolder.  

Our next stop was to a smoky, balloon filled Ho-Bar,  where I swear it was EVERYONE’s birthday!  The fog machine + cigarettes made it near impossible to see, but thankfully Jaryt’s camera caught all of our smiles and sweet dance moves in action. 

Like any other night, we ended up outside Thursday Party where we met some new friends.  

I have a feeling this was after our meeting with an expat who tried to invite us down to the beach for more drinks and to listen to sweet tunes on his boom box.  Some famous lines were exchanged and while Matt was feeling it, the rest of us were ready for bed.  And there, the weekend ended.
IMG_3089 IMG_3083

Several weekends later, we attended Ulsan’s Whale Festival.  We had heard about this festival all year and knew it was special to our city, but we were actually not that impressed.  Sure, there was great Korean food…but we seemed to have come at the end of the festivities, so we spent more time getting there than we spent wandering around.  IMG_3080

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

IMG_3103 IMG_3085 IMG_3099 IMG_3088 IMG_3092 IMG_3078 IMG_3087 IMG_3073 IMG_3028

We have more fun in Ulsan playing on swings than hanging out with people who eat whale meat anyway.  Children forever!IMG_3025 IMG_3017 IMG_3010 IMG_3024

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