Jinhae Cherry Blossoms

IMG_1025What feels like a million years ago, I was just getting out of surgery and spring had sprung.  Since then I’ve been busy figuring out the next chapter of my life and wrapping up my time in Korea.  Time has definitely slipped away from me these last few months, but here is my last effort to catch up on my time spent here.  
IMG_1034 IMG_1024

There was that one weekend we decided to have a picnic at a local lake.  We needed to soak up the sun now that it finally decided to drench us in warm rays.  Winter came.  It sucked.  Moving on.
IMG_1030 IMG_1039 IMG_1040 IMG_1035 IMG_1027 IMG_1032

Our picnic included subway sandwiches – a staple for our picnics, it seems – Pringles, fruit, and Korean treats (i.e. Chocopies).  IMG_1028 IMG_1084

Not too long after my first post-ear-chopping adventure, cherry blossom season was in full effect. Cherry Blossom season, however, is more of a two week period as opposed to an actual season.  These trees lined many streets and parks in our area, which made walking outdoors gorgeous (even when I was walking back and forth to the hospital).  IMG_1083 IMG_1082 IMG_1102

This beautiful spring season also coincided with my ability to drink again (cue the boozy bus brunch mimosa party!)  Several of us headed to Jinhae for their Cherry Blossom festival.   IMG_1104 IMG_1105

Like all Korean festivals, there were plenty of food stalls, trinket pop-up shops, and this wonderful addition…Hanbok photo tent!  Ayesha and I managed to convince the rest of the group to abandon their pride and throw on some fab outfits!IMG_1252 IMG_1234 IMG_1250 IMG_1232 IMG_1237 IMG_1254 IMG_1350

After we had properly amused ourselves, it was time to meander through the cherry blossom lined streets and admire the art installations near the bridge.  IMG_1270

Serious…but actually in love. IMG_1265 IMG_1282 IMG_1253 IMG_1278 IMG_1284 IMG_1283 IMG_1258As we walked up stream, we caught glimpses of lanterns, bicycles and umbrellas that were there to decorate the event. 
IMG_1296 IMG_1293 IMG_1299 IMG_1316 IMG_1298 IMG_1303 IMG_1291 IMG_1306 IMG_1315 IMG_1285

Nate and Paul doing what they do best…snapping photos and eating churros, respectively. IMG_1346 IMG_1323 IMG_1335 IMG_1327 IMG_1342 IMG_1324 IMG_1341 IMG_1322 IMG_1318 IMG_1348

Walking down, what we thought were abandoned, train tracks we snapped plenty more photos of these beautiful trees until we heard the engine behind us.  For real Korea?  I know there’s no third rail, but you just let people play on active train tracks? IMG_1339 IMG_1330 IMG_1340

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