Ultra Korea #NoMers


Ultra Korea.  In June we went up to Seoul for the weekend to attend Ultra – an electronic music festival.  The venue was the famous Jamsil Olympic Stadium, which is a perfect place to hangout with acts like Skrillex, Hardwell, David Guetta…and who could forget Lil’ Jon or Snoop Dog.  We grabbed our countries’ flags (and a few face masks to keep Mers away), drank lots of 2 for 1 ciders, and danced like maniacs for 2 days.  I could pretty much leave it at that and let the pictures explain everything that happened…in fact, I think I might. 

IMG_3508 IMG_3511 IMG_3506IMG_3505 IMG_3517 IMG_3469 IMG_3471 IMG_3433_2 IMG_3470 IMG_3419_2 IMG_3425_2 IMG_3429 IMG_3416_2 IMG_3461 IMG_3472 IMG_3467 IMG_3411 IMG_3403_2 IMG_3356 IMG_3273 IMG_3284 IMG_3499IMG_3304

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